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What does a soccer referee do?

Referee is the guy that calls the fouls and the out of bounce and everything that happens in the field. A referee presides over a game of association football. The referee has "full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which he has been appointed" (Law 5).What does a soccer referee do?
Read your own details of what you posted.

That's what they do.What does a soccer referee do?
Exsactly what you said. They make sure no buddies breaking the rules of soccer.

Any one gonna go to the Penn State Vs. Gophers game around Halloween?

Cause my association for my football team is sponsoring that night. Just Wondering.Any one gonna go to the Penn State Vs. Gophers game around Halloween?
I';ll be thereAny one gonna go to the Penn State Vs. Gophers game around Halloween?
I'm thinking about it.

When was first international foot ball match played ,which was the two team?

The first international football match was played in 1872 between England and Scotland, although at this stage the sport was rarely played outside Great Britain. As football began to increase in popularity, it was held as a demonstration sport (with no medals awarded) at the 1900, 1904 and 1906 Summer Olympics before football became an official competition at the 1908 Summer Olympics. Organised by England's Football Association, the event was for amateur players only and was regarded suspiciously as a show rather than a competition. The England national amateur football team won the event in both 1908 and 1912.When was first international foot ball match played ,which was the two team?
The Scotland national football team have played international football longer than any other nation in the world along with England, whom they competed against in the world's first international football match at the West of Scotland Cricket Club, Partick, in 1872. The match ended 0-0.When was first international foot ball match played ,which was the two team?
thank u for that
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  • Should sports, such as football and basketball continue in college and high schools in the U.S.?

    I am not questioning the value of competition and athletic studies. Both are valuable and should be continued. However high school sports has become the farm league for college football and college football is the farm league for the N-F-L. Most of the costs are born by taxpayers, alumni associations or booster clubs.

    Should professional sports leagues finance these farm leagues and should they or should they not continue to be part of public and higher education?Should sports, such as football and basketball continue in college and high schools in the U.S.?
    The problem is that we the public care so much about sports and in some cases put the fiat of your favorite team above much more important events in our lives or in the world. I coach at the high school level and I need to give my self reality checks very often. The reason colleges and the pros can do these things is because we the fans allow them to and force them to do whatever they can do to win. If they win they get money and to win you need a good coach and facilities which means you need to raise ticket prices to pay for all this stuff. Once you have it you better win or you will be fired so that person does everything they can to build a winner. This steam all the way down to youth leagues where parents are coaching a sport which should be about fun but are now all about winning. Sports need to stay in high schools and the coaches should be examples of education first athletics second. To often this is not the case. The fans also need to look at this and stop demanding perfection from their coach, their kids, and their teammates during games. We are the ones (the public) who have made it this way.
    Are there issues that need to be addressed? Well, certainly. But the answer most definitely is not to get rid of them in high schools and colleges. Team work is taught first hand and individuals learn to work for a common goal. Tasks that will help them through the rest of their life.

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    Should sports, such as football and basketball continue in college and high schools in the U.S.?
    Another way of coming at this question might be: "since it's not feasible to get rid of athletics in high schools and colleges, how can we better manage them so that sport, not business, is emphasized?" School sports are here to stay...for good or for ill. The challenge is to make them a force for good.
    less that one tenth of one percent of high school football players go on to the NFL. probably less than one percent even go on to play in college. basketball and football teams in schools are by no means "farm league" for professional sports. they're passtimes and exercise for students, and they should be looked at that way.

    you could make the argument that they should be cut because they cost too much and take away focus from the academic aspect of high school or college, but i don't think that's a legitimate reason to scrap them. teams can bring a school together, and i think more students enroll because of them.Should sports, such as football and basketball continue in college and high schools in the U.S.?
    They should absolutely be continued. You should do some research on the subject. The NFL has many programs for youth football. At the high school level, parent take care of a lot of the cost, and at the college level, much money is made from high profile sports.
    No - besides your point is wrong that tax payers or paying the bill in college for football and basketball that usually pay for themselves. If your point of view is purely economic then you would eliminate the women's sports programs - that will not sit well politically.

    Good Luck!!!
    I remember once seeing the percentage of high school players who played in college even if they went to school many did not.

    And the percentage of college graduates who finish carreers or even begin them in the NFL or NBA are suprisingly small. so why should the pro leagues have to pay for all the people who will never play for them.
    well this is a very sore subject for me because I think we as a society put way more into sports than we do grades. Esc. here in Okalhoma. I mean there is something wrong when a kid can make a 60 in all classess and still play football. We need to make sports be a privledge and not a right. To many kids think they are going to make it on sports alone and never rely on grades. Parents put more into their kids doing well in football and basketball than they do in how their kids grades are. My son does not play any sport unless he makes all 70's and above. I think the money being thrown out their is way to much. Esc. when some dude is given 51 MILLION dollars just to get to talk to him... Tell me how that is even justifiable? I mena I think it is great fot the guy who got the 51 million, wish he would just give me 1 million of it. HAHA pocket change to him though. Someone pay me a million and I will talk to you.
    Highschool definatly. Obesity. Thats that answer.

    College is a little more difficuilt. Goign to PSU right now, it really sux to see your team lose while you pay for tickets knowing these guys are goign to school for free with B.S. majors.

    At the same time, people want it. For example, P.S.U. is a football school so they put more money towards it. Other schools, the focus isn't on the football even though they have a team and less money is put towards it there.

    Its also an oppertunity for some people without the financial resources that do have a talent in athletics to get a college education. Regardless of genes, top atheletes still need to work hard to get where they are and i don't see a problem with giving them an oppertunity. They definatly do have the drive to succeed in life.

    All though i would love it if it went back to the days where only the rich went to school :-)

    Is an acre approximately the size of a soccer (or a rugby) pitch?

    er, thanks to those of yuo who answered my earlier question by reference to an American Football pitch, but being a brit (hence the username), I was in fact referring to Association Football (or "soccer")Is an acre approximately the size of a soccer (or a rugby) pitch?
    I didn't know this but:

    A football pitch has to be between 100 yds and 130 yds long and between 50 yds and 100 yds wide so the smallest football pitch would be 100x50 = 5000 sq. yds and the largest 130x100 = 13000 sq. yds. An acre is 4840 sq. yds. Good for my maths and actually makes me sound quite intelligent!!Is an acre approximately the size of a soccer (or a rugby) pitch?
    If you live in a modest suburb, it is typically 4 lots +/-.

    * in the USAIs an acre approximately the size of a soccer (or a rugby) pitch?
    yes if you are a brit it is more or less the same. Well, as near as makes no difference.

    Who do you think would win these sports competitions?

    Basketball: North America vs Europe

    Cricket: South Asia vs Australasia

    Baseball: N.America vs Caribbean

    Association Football: Europe vs South America

    Rugby: Europe vs Australasia

    American Football: USA vs the rest of the world

    Aussie Rules Football: Australia vs the rest of the world

    Ice Hockey: Europe vs N. AmericaWho do you think would win these sports competitions?
    in order:

    North America

    South Asia






    N. America

    Got this email? What does it mean? It's abot electronic arts football games.?

    To view this email as a web page, click here.


    U.S. District Court (N.D. Cal. - Oakland Div.)

    Case No. 08-cv-02820 CW

    If You Purchased Certain Electronic Arts Brand Football Video Games

    Between January 1, 2005 to the Present

    You May Be a Class Member.

    Membership as a class member in the Electronic Arts Litigation is the result of a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, Oakland Division (Case No. 08-cv-02820 CW).

    What Is This Class Action About?

    The class action lawsuit alleges violations of California's antitrust and consumer protection laws in connection with the sale of certain football video games. Plaintiffs, purchasers of Electronic Arts' football video games, claim that Defendant Electronic Arts entered into a series of exclusive licenses with the National Football League (NFL), National Football League Players' Association (NFLPA), National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), and Arena Football League (AFL), which Plaintiffs claim foreclosed competition in an alleged football video game market. Plaintiffs allege that this series of exclusive licenses caused customers who purchased certain football video games to be overcharged.

    Defendant Electronic Arts has denied any liability and all allegations of misconduct. The Court has not decided whether the Defendants did anything wrong, and this Notice is not an expression of any opinion by the Court about the merits of any of the claims or defenses asserted by any party to this litigation.

    Who Are Class Members?

    The Class includes all persons who, during the period January 1, 2005 to the present, purchased the Madden NFL, NCAA Football, or Arena Football League brand video games published by Electronic Arts with a release date of January 1, 2005 to the present. Excluded from the class are purchasers of software for mobile devices, persons purchasing directly from Electronic Arts, persons purchasing used copies oGot this email? What does it mean? It's abot electronic arts football games.?
    If you read the reason for this lawsuit, the plaintiffs are clearly assholes who will not win anything. They are claiming that EA Sports overcharged for the games when they came out at the same price every other game comes standard, whether it be 59.99 (PS3/Xbox 360 Era) or 49.99 (PS2/Xbox Era). It is quite laughable if you ask me.Got this email? What does it mean? It's abot electronic arts football games.?
    that's what I thought at first was it was a scam. BUT! If its not then hell with the Plaintiff, they are *********** to put it lightly. Freeloaders who want a dime from a frivolous lawsuit.Got this email? What does it mean? It's abot electronic arts football games.?
    I received this email too. Basically, a couple of guys are suing EA because they feel that their exclusive licenses with the NFL, NFLPA, NCAA, and AFL have allowed EA to monopolize the football video game market. These guys are claiming that EA has taken advantage of the fact that they're the only company producing football games by jacking up the prices for Madden and other prominent titles. If this is the case, then EA is violating antitrust (i.e. fair competition) and consumer protection laws, according to the guys bringing up this lawsuit.

    Who knows what will come of this. In any event, you and I don't really have to do anything; unless, that is, if you yourself want to sue EA. Then you have to exclude yourself as a "class member" from this lawsuit. All I know is that EA is getting sued left and right the past couple of years -- first the NFL, then the NCAA, now this. Unreal.
    Checking around the web all I have gathered is that many, many people have received this email (myself included) and I suspect that if anything is to come of it, more information should be coming our way. However, if this is just cleverly disguised spam, then ignoring it seems the best route until further notice.
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